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We Want To Hear From You


We know there are many organizations and people at Lehigh who have been working hard to achieve our shared goal of a more welcoming and inclusive campus community.

It's your turn to let us know about how you have contributed to the effort this year. Share a story with us -- whether a success or a challenge -- in the comments section of this post.




Free Ice Cream! You're Invited


Together, we are building a more welcoming
and inclusive Lehigh – Our Lehigh.

The Council for Equity and Community joins the Senior Officers in inviting students, faculty and staff to celebrate the last day of classes and recognize everyone’s hard work this year.

Join us on Library Drive from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 1st
for some delicious cool treats and a few fun surprises!

Rain Location: Lamberton Hall

For more information about the CEC, go to our website.

Lehigh Latin Sorority Presents Universal Woman Essay Contest

The Delta Upsilon Chapter of Lamda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority invites the Lehigh community to its upcoming event, which is co-sponsored by the CEC:

Hello Lehigh family,

We are the Delta Upsilon Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.  LTA, founded in 1975 as an organization that prides itself in bringing awareness of social, political, and cultural issues. Our chapter at Lehigh has continued these efforts through various programs, events, lectures and more. 

This semester we are hosting our Universal Woman Campaign consisting of various events, one of which we are most proud of The Universal Woman Essay Contest. Our essay contest caters to the female youth in the Bethlehem School District and it will be introduced as an opportunity to "Tell your Story". There are many empowering women among us whose stories go unheard. This is an opportunity for the young women to share their experiences or to speak about a woman whose story inspires them. It is also a chance for the Lehigh community to celebrate our neighbors and continue bridging the gap through unity and understanding.

We are looking forward to awarding the essay winner(s) on April 18, 2015 at 6:00pm in Packard 101. On this date we not only invite you to be apart of this celebration meant to empower the youth of our community but to stay and experience The Black Latina Play which will begin at 6:17pm. The Black Latina is the story of being a Black Latina in the U.S.

Whether dark skinned or indeed African American and Hispanic, Black Latina is the journey of one’s struggle identifying with both cultures. It deals with both the external factors, from society to media, as well as the internal factors of family and friends viewpoints. It gives a first hand look inside the deep emotions behind a group of people that are constantly ignored.

We, the proud of Sisters of ΛΘΑ invite you to be a part of this important day where we should all strive to empower the universal woman with unity, love and respect.  


Meet The CEC: Jennifer Swann

Dr. Jennifer Swann, professor of biological sciences.What is your role here at Lehigh?

I have many roles. I am a professor in biology, I am the co-chair of the Faculty and Staff of Color Network and the Tri-Chair of the CEC, along with Lori Bolden McClaind and Joe Sterrett.

Why are you involved in the CEC?

I have always been interested in inclusion and diversity.  I have been working on these issues for close to a decade at Lehigh.   

What working groups or initiatives are you involved in?

I am a member of the Executive Committee.  Our goal this year is to complete our 12-month plan, which includes creating a road map for the next 3 years.  We also want to create a permanent structure for the CEC.  We are also in the process of incorporating the CEC into the policies of the University.

What do you hope your work will result in?

My hope is that our work will engage the entire university in creating a welcoming, inclusive and equitable university where everyone feels their contributions are encouraged and appreciated.

What advice or direction do you have for someone who wants to be engaged in making Lehigh more diverse and inclusive?

Welcome!   We need all the help we can get - please join us.  We are collecting information on all the activities on campus and will soon have a comprehensive list of other groups who could use your help. 

For more information on Professor Swann and her work, please go to her website.



Meet The CEC: Tyrone Russell

What is your primary role here at Lehigh?

My key responsibility as Director of Multicultural Affairs at Lehigh is to create and manage systems of support for historically underrepresented students. This includes but isn't  limited to assisting in programming, advising, and supervising students.

Why are you involved in the CEC?

I am involved with CEC selfishly because it provides comfort to know there are a host of Lehigh professionals dedicated to inclusion on our campus.

What working groups/initiatives are you involved in?

I am part of the Executive Committee.

What are you hoping for as a result of your involvement with the CEC?

I hope my work will result in a genuine valuing of challenge and support for all who bear and represent the Lehigh brand. I want people to welcome the differences and diversity that challenge their comfort zones.

What advice or direction do you have for someone who wants to be engaged in making Lehigh more diverse and inclusive?

Start by challenging yourself and the biases that you have. Get involved with someone or something that you typically ignore or shy away from. Be the only one of "you" in a room and leave an impression. 

For more information about Tyrone and his work, please go to the OMA website.


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