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Fusion 2018

F.U.S.I.O.N. (Fostering Unity Staged In One Night) is a multi-cultural event hosted by Asian Cultural Society and Black Students Union. FUSION is an event that hopes to help illustrate the vast cultural wealth Lehigh and its students have to offer. So many cultures tell their histories through dance and with events like FUSION, the Lehigh community is shown a part of these highly important histories on stage.

The organizers try to be as proactive as possible in regards to trying to fit as many groups as possible, because of the importance that events like FUSION have in reference to visibility. So many people may not get to show their cultural heritage in the class room, but on stage it's different. Various cultural identities are not only highlighted, but they are cherished.

This is the goal of FUSION. The goal is to highlight both the cultural differences, as well as the similarities and celebrate them.

With the CEC's help, the organizers were able to provide a space through which people on the margins as well as the larger campus as a whole could have positive discourse around the social histories connected to dance across the world. From Indian Fusion dances of LU Bhangra, to the Afro Caribbean influences of Tumbao, FUSION tries to be as inclusive as possible.