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Lift the Mask- Portraits of Life with Mental Illness

Lift the Mask is an event organized by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)- Lehigh On-Campus Chapter. Lift the Mask- Portraits of Life with Mental Illness tells the often harrowing, sometimes hopeful stories of six individuals living with behavioral and mental health diagnoses. From the onset of symptoms and the quest for a diagnosis, to managing the subsequent treatments and medications, the film’s subjects frankly discuss the most difficult and traumatic moments of their journeys. These six people of very different backgrounds navigate social stigmas, suicide; a cause of death alarmingly on the rise in the U.S., and incarceration; a common but overlooked outcome of mental illness. The film finds both devastation and hope as these characters struggle with some of the most debilitating and misunderstood of illnesses.

The Council for Equity and Community provided support for this event because it speaks to creating a culture of understanding that situates mental health as an integral part of the holistic wellbeing of every member of our campus community.